Friday, February 2, 2018

A studio visit and Norwood Space Center

Curio Market

Last Saturday we made a visit to the Norwood Space Center, it is tucked away on Morse Street and was old factory buildings In Norwood. The buildings are being made into creative spaces. My friends Dennis Stein and Gillian Jackson have a shared studio in this space.

We toured a few spaces and ran into my friends Scott and Walter from the Switch gallery. That was a nice surprise.

I brought along my Tokina macro lens and took a few pics at the Curio Market. The Market has vintage items, New artwork, and other goods. It was fun visiting with all the artists.

We ended our visit with Percival Brewing company and really enjoyed their beers and the funky space. The brewery also has some interesting art on their walls and is like a gallery as well.

Dennis Stein Studio
Curio Market
Curio Market

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