Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New projects and Art Opening Next week

A little horsey fun with one of my toys. We had a bit of snow the other day. Bad weather to drive in but just right for taking some of my toys out for photographing in the snow. You have to be able to have fun even in bad weather

This photo (below) will be on display at the Eleanor Bradley Estate in Canton in  February. It will be photos from a fall photo meet-up at the Estate. I just love this place and I feel I really belong here. The gardens are my favorite and the farm animals

I am thinking about doing a new project soon. I love the Village Cemetery in Dedham, It is full of historic graves and just some wacky graves as well, too. I love the history and look of this place.

The cemetery is in need of repair and the Dedham Village Preservation are hoping to raise money for The cemetery's  repair and making it safer for people to visit this historic space. The grounds of the old cemetery have deteriorated over the years and need some love. It is still worth a trip

Join us for the Opening Reception for Light
See new artworks on Display at this Dedham Guild show

Join us this Thursday, February 3rd at the Dedham Community Theatre, 
In Dedham Square
6-7:30 pm

I will have two photos on this show. Come by and see them

(I also designed the "Light" Logo)


Love is in the Air!
I have been doing a few toy photos with my phone for the Valentine's Holiday. I am having them printed by Shutterfly and will have them in the Dedham Guild soon. 
I love my little Lightcase for these photos. Our kitties seem to like it too, much too my chagrin

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