Tuesday, March 13, 2018

More New York photos

New York Ciy is a facinating place, full of contradictions, elegant but also full of cheesy souvenir shops. The shops are full of pens. statues and bobble heads. I love all of it. If you take a long walk you find all kinds of things to photograph, I look up and down and all around.The side streets in Midtown can have tons of great subjects. I would like to visit Chelsea next time.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

See my show at the Dedham Square Artist Guild

See my show at the Dedham Guild in Dedham Square. "Two days in New York" Recently I made a trip to New York and had a wonderful time walking the streets of midtown Manhatten and the Highline. The Highline is a wonderful park and always a favorite of mine. More soon

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Winter photographing at the Eleanor Bradley Estate

The winter has been not so bad but can be icy at times here in New England. I decided to make a trip over to the Bradley Estate on a wintery day. Not very successful, the conditions not very good for photographing but I managed to spot some gems. I concentrated on the trees and found some beauty. Winter can be hard to photograph but worth the effort

Friday, February 2, 2018

A studio visit and Norwood Space Center

Curio Market

Last Saturday we made a visit to the Norwood Space Center, it is tucked away on Morse Street and was old factory buildings In Norwood. The buildings are being made into creative spaces. My friends Dennis Stein and Gillian Jackson have a shared studio in this space.

We toured a few spaces and ran into my friends Scott and Walter from the Switch gallery. That was a nice surprise.

I brought along my Tokina macro lens and took a few pics at the Curio Market. The Market has vintage items, New artwork, and other goods. It was fun visiting with all the artists.

We ended our visit with Percival Brewing company and really enjoyed their beers and the funky space. The brewery also has some interesting art on their walls and is like a gallery as well.

Dennis Stein Studio
Curio Market
Curio Market

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New projects and Art Opening Next week

A little horsey fun with one of my toys. We had a bit of snow the other day. Bad weather to drive in but just right for taking some of my toys out for photographing in the snow. You have to be able to have fun even in bad weather

This photo (below) will be on display at the Eleanor Bradley Estate in Canton in  February. It will be photos from a fall photo meet-up at the Estate. I just love this place and I feel I really belong here. The gardens are my favorite and the farm animals

I am thinking about doing a new project soon. I love the Village Cemetery in Dedham, It is full of historic graves and just some wacky graves as well, too. I love the history and look of this place.

The cemetery is in need of repair and the Dedham Village Preservation are hoping to raise money for The cemetery's  repair and making it safer for people to visit this historic space. The grounds of the old cemetery have deteriorated over the years and need some love. It is still worth a trip

Join us for the Opening Reception for Light
See new artworks on Display at this Dedham Guild show

Join us this Thursday, February 3rd at the Dedham Community Theatre, 
In Dedham Square
6-7:30 pm

I will have two photos on this show. Come by and see them

(I also designed the "Light" Logo)


Love is in the Air!
I have been doing a few toy photos with my phone for the Valentine's Holiday. I am having them printed by Shutterfly and will have them in the Dedham Guild soon. 
I love my little Lightcase for these photos. Our kitties seem to like it too, much too my chagrin

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Opening Reception, and some of my holiday gifts

Join us for the Opening Reception for Light
Thursday, February 3rd at the Dedham Community Theatre 6-7: 30 pm

Illuminate or cast light onto an object as Caravaggio did in his 6th-century oil paintings; explore moonlight, lamplight, daylight through the camera lens; enlighten the viewer with a new approach to a subject.

Are you an Eastern Massachusetts ArtistThere is still time to enter! enter here

I have to say it was hard to choose a photo or two for this show. So much in life is about light and especially in photography

I just loved this Christmas gift from Marietta Apollonio. I received so many great gifts and many artful gifts. This one is part of Marietta's 100-day illustration project. It is "the good" Clint Eastwood's character in the Good, Bad and the Ugly Movie. A favorite film of mine and I do own it.
Just love the premise and the music!

I also received many toys for my photography projects. One of the super cute gifts was from my husband was this cute Narwhal. This little guy just makes me smile! Stay tuned for new toy photography!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Happening 2018

We have had some weather in the Boston area, snowstorms and freezing cold temperatures. I have gone into organizing mode and thinking about doing a few projects. Stay Tuned

This is one of the photos I will have on display at the Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate in February
along with my friend's Gretje Ferguson and John Shiraga's photography work. They will be framed this week. Last fall we had a photo meet up at the estate. I am hoping to take a few 
winter photos soon


My newphew, Brody got these super heroes Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots: Batman v. Superman 
Edition for Christmas. It was fun to play with them and brought me back to my childhood days. Although I just remember the Robot ones. I haven't thought of them in so long. I think 
these are really good for stress relief!


I am trying to take more time to see my what is around me. This little guy was at Petco and just staring at me. Very cute! When I was a kid I had a parakeet and I was the only one he didn't bite. I enjoying watching birds, they have such funny mannerisms


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