Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fall in Special Places series, Hale Reservation

I like to visit a great spot in Westwood and Dover, Hale Reservation. The Westwood Land Trust had a call to artists to create an artwork or photograph that was nature inspired in Westwood, MA. I choose to take a drive out to Hale Reservation. Even though it is late in the year for fall photos there was a lot to capture. I decided to go with the fall nature details and not overall landscapes. 

I used my Tokina Macro Lens and I love the results. It is a great lens to get close to your subjects

The Hale Reservation is a private nonprofit that welcomes public visitors. 

The show "Capturing Nature" is up at the Westwood Library in November. I submitted two photos. One of them is at the very bottom of these sets of photos. There are some really nice pieces in the Show

This exhibit is sponsored by Westwood Land Trust, Westwood Schools, and the Westwood Library. A reception was held on October 26 from 3pm-7pm.

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