Thursday, April 27, 2017

A favorite spot, Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate,

The Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate in Canton, MA is my of my fav spots to photograph. I didn't know about this place until a few years ago. I just keep going back, in all seasons. I love to wander the estate, woodlands and pastures. It is amazing that this estate is so close to Boston and just off the busy 128 Highway. It is truly peaceful.

Read here way this is a special place and part of the Trustees of the Reservation here

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco

Golden Gate Bridge - always a must see when visiting San Fransisco. Our group walked halfway across the bridge. the views are spectacular and it was a great weather day. The bridge seems so huge when you walk over it.  We did visit late morning, not a great time to photograph but, I managed some   nice shots.

California had been suffering from a drought but, in the last few months that state has had much needed rain. Therefore. flowers are blooming. Very pretty and lucky for us!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Street Expression, Bay Area

 Don't you love Murals?

I love them and fascinated by them. It can make a neighborhood even more vibrant and colorful. On a trip to San Fransisco and the Bay Area we were able to visit San Francisco's Chinatown and Oakland's. The two neighborhoods had different feel to them.

San Fransisco's Chinatown is very hilly and compact, It is filled with bright murals, red lanterns, gift and tourist shops, antiques and restaurants. We had lunch at San Sun restaurant and really enjoyed it

Oakland's chinatown smaller in feel and a bit more spread out. Although, Oakland seemed to have many more murals, and they were bright and fun. They seemed to be everywhere. A great way for artists to express their heritage

See more of my photos from this trip on my Instagram feed

Monday, April 10, 2017

in Time

My uncles just purchased a Mid Century, home outside of San Francisco. They asked me to take some "before" photos. It is now being redone. The home was not renovated since the 1960's. It was fun to see all the home appliance from back then. All appliances were working and taken care of. It was stepping back in time. This home was spotless. Maybe a movie production house will purchase some of these appliances for a movie or two

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rain in a dry land

It is a rainy day here in Boston, Not into rainy days but, the rain is needed.

It is hard to resist taking photos after a rain storm. I recently, visited Sonoma, California on a trip to see family and friends. It had rained quite a bit in wine country. A much needed thing in this part of the country. The nature around me was green and vibrant. On my last visit years ago, everything seemed to be the color of straw.

Visiting Wineries and taking photos is an ideal trip for me. It did not disappoint


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