Friday, February 19, 2016

Color and black and white! Lightroom and Presets Fun

"Mask" Left: No preset, Middle: Banging Black and White, Right:Big Bold Color

These are edited photos using some of Cole's Classroom Presets for Lightroom. The first photo of every set has no preset, just has some enhancing in Lightroom. 

I had a chance to load a few free presets from Cole's. I love to experiment with presets in Lightroom and to see what happens to an image. Some of the presets worked well and enhanced the photo. 
A lot of presets are used in portraits but I thought I would try non-truadional images. 
I don't take many portraits

This is how to install Presets

What do you think?

"Salem" Left: No preset, Middle: Big Bold Color, Right: Faux Film

"Branches" Left: No preset, Middle: Bitchin Summer, Right: Smooth Skin

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