Monday, September 1, 2014

Color, Bunky Echo Hawk work

At the Field Museum on display was Bunky Echo Hawk's body of work. Besides conveying a message the painting were also bright and colorful. They caught my attention and then I read the message about them. They are a commentary on the state of Native Americans through art

From his website: Bunky Echo-Hawk is a multi-talented artist whose work spans both media and lifestyle. A graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts, he is a fine artist, graphic designer, photographer, writer and a non-profit professional. Bunky is a traditional singer and dancer of the Pawnee Nation and an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation.

I really love his combination of the old and new to express a point of the ever changing lives of the people who surround him.

If you have a chance to see his work go and see it.

Bunky's Painting Pants, pretty cool. Love it.

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