Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rijks Museum 2

As promised more photos from the Museum. The Museum has an incredible collection of ship models including a submarine model (below). That was pretty cool to this model. My husband loves ship models and we have seen many exhibits spotlighting these wonders. My husband is more into them but I do appreciate the workmanship.

Portrait of Andries de Graeff, Mayor of Amsterdam in the 1600's, Very austere
These dolls houses were for Dutch adults. They were lushly designed and furnished in miniature
Delft Pottery

Banquet Still Life by Adriaen van Utrecht. These are details of paintings that I truly loved. Love the Lobster

Lunch Break at the Café

Submarine Model 
Part of the huge collection of ship models
I hope you liked my mini-tour on photos of the museum

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