Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 2, Rijks Museum

It was a very hot day on our visit to Rijks Museum in Amsterdam. A very good day to spend the day in a museum. Much cooler in air conditioning. We was very excited to see the newly renovated museum. We had seen the museum about 4 years ago and we only had been able to see their permanent collection.

I truly love Dutch masters and this was a real treat. Also, when the museum renovated they kept the library. It was fantastic to see this older, historic part of the museum. The library had lovely details and all those old books!

The museum is worth a trip to see all the collected artwork from Dutch Masters, Ship Models, Delft, contemporary art, armor and more...

A few tips in visiting: 
When you visit the gift shop or cafe you are actually leaving the museum. Keep your ticket handy.
There seems to be only one cafe and service was slow (our server forgot about us). You may want to eat before you go or after. I know european service is slower but this was crazy slow.

The way the museum is structured is confusing, just be patient. I got lost a few times in the stairways to the bathroom.

Pick your top favorites to visit first. The Museum is huge.

Where artwork is displayed can be a bit tight when it is crowded. You can always go back to see art when it is less crowded.

Doorways are gray and can be hard to spot.

More tomorrow....

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