Thursday, August 22, 2013

A trip back in Time. Ciro's in Antwerp, Dinner

 We decided on dinner within walking distance of our hotel in Antwerp. Jeff found the restaurant Ciro's
These are some of my photos on our walk to the restaurant

I felt for this poor little guy, he seemed abandoned

We arrived at Ciro's for dinner. I didn't know what to think of the restaurant, it was very warm and a bit  of a throwback. Much to my surprise the service and food were terrific. The menu was in Flemish and we needed a bit of translating. Luckily, the owner was right there to help with our ordering. It was to talk with him about Antwerp, food and his restaurant.

I loved these retro glasses for our sparkling wine. Very elegant and fun

This is my very yummy steak. The perfect size for me

Steph had the fish and part of eating it is removing the top layer of bones. It made for a very fun photo.

Dessert was both delicious looking and of course I have to take a shot of them before we indulged in all that pastry and chocolate

Not a bad night at all. This is Ciro's website. It is in another language but has great photos of the food.
It felt like we were on a Mad Men set. Loved it.

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