Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jeffrey Gibson, ICA. Boston

My husband and I saw this exhibit a few weeks ago at the ICA in Boston. It is work by Jeffrey Gibson

Jeffrey Gibson’s paintings and sculptures deftly combine geometric abstraction and Minimalism with the traditional materials and motifs of his Native American heritage. From the ICA site

I was really impressed by this exhibit. I took a look without reading the information on this show right away. I was intrigued by the shape and color combinations. Once I read the description the meaning of the art made it even more interesting. The artist is using a Native American motif and pushes color and shape. The art is part of a heritage but, very much in the present.

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enchantedhue.com said...

I love the seeming simplicity. It is always interesting how one looks at a piece and sees one thing - then reads or hears the description - and the view might change!


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