Friday, April 26, 2013

Museum after Hours 2 or Why I love Boston

The after hours event at the Gardener Museum was a a night of art, food, and a bit of bass baritone. I will explain. We watched a demonstration on making leather goods by Emily Lamkin from Artisan's Asylum in Somerville. People were able to make thier own creations. Emily's work was beautiful (below)

We wondered over to the Gardener greenhouse and each were able to get a little pot, dirt and two nasturtium seeds. as you may know one of my favorite flowers. We put them in little sandwich bags to take home

We ate at the cafe and were treated to a happy birthday song by our waiter, Jared Levin, a bass-baritone. He sung for another table and it was fun to find out he was a singer, as well. We visited the gift shop and the Anders Zorn exhibit. It was a wonderful exhibit, sadly no photos allowed. Isabella Stewart Gardner was a patron and friend of this painter. Mom bought a magnet in the gift ship with one of his photos on it. Sweet! We left the event and walked back to the train but on the way...

We walked past this mapping of the Rhino in front of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. a young artist was projecting her light/photo show onto the Rhino. It was wonderful to see this work. Her name is Valeska Freire Marulanda. Her website is I love the skeleton artwork/mapping.

These photos don't do this work justice but I feel lucky we meet Valeska and were able to see her project. After watching her work for awhile, we decided it was time to head home. We walked by the Museum of Fine Arts. Much to our surprise we saw a little bunny running around the grounds. It was so cute!

This is why I love Boston. You can stumble upon artful and fun things as well as attend fun nights such as the After Hours events. This is a long post but I feel that it is needed. Last week was horrible and has really affected Boston.


Anonymous said...

We saw the same bunny! Wondered where it came from (my son said it must have taken the T ;) )

Too bad we missed the rhinoceros, what a fabulous idea!

Viktoria said...

this all sounds like you had a wonderful art-day!
yes, Boston was in the media a lot this week, also in our country.
Your warm-hearted post is a beautiful tribute to your town!


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