Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Made with Love and Skill

A week or so ago, I visited my friends shop Cristina Hurley Gallery in Canton Center. Cristina was hosting jewelry artist Avery Lucas. My mom also works here part-time and loves to be surrounded by all the locally made, artisan made work. 

These wonderful vessels/vases are by my friend Lisa W.B. Walker. Some of the fun items at the Gallery. Lisa has been experimenting with dots and of course she loves to add flowers to her work.

These toys always make me smile

These are two examples of Metalsmith and Jewelry Designer, Avery's work. I bought a set of earrings and I was thinking of giving them to a friend but I am not sure now. I may keep them for myself

Cristina's Gallery also carries handmade scarfs and winter items. Although, with spring coming they are in the shop for a limited time. There are so many colors and choices

These scarfs (bottom photo) are made by Jessica Burko of Reclaimed to you. Colors of the scarfs range from subtle to very bright and cheerful. You are sure to find one to suit you.

Jessica is the leader of of a group I belong to Boston Handmade. There are several Boston Handmade members with work in the gallery. Everything from photography, prints, jewelry, fiber, and more...
I am honored to have also have work in the gallery.

Did I tell you how much I like this weekly post Make it Monday on Punk Projects? I look forward to this everyweek.

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