Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kitty Adoption for Christmas

From the Animal Rescue League website. How can you resist this?
Good News! I did not resist and adopted Bambi, last week. We renamed her, Greta. She is slowly getting used to her surroundings. She loves to explore and is a sweet girl. We hope that someday she will be able to play with our other kitties.

We adopted her on Thursday, last week. We have had her for about a week and there less hissing a growling. It all takes time. She is starting to get along with our cat, Milly

Milly was also adopted at the Animal Rescue League. She bit me when I tried to hold her at the shelter. I took her home, anyway and she turned out to be a quirky, fun cat. She bites quite a bit less. She is a big love!

Greta is a beauty and I think it is great we were able to introduce her into our little brood.


Kelly Slater said...

I am so happy you gave Bambi her forever home for Christmas. Thought Bambi was wonderful from the day I met her but she was not at ease in the adoption room. Who would be? Kudos to you for your kitty adoptions. By the way, husband and I are both fans of Boston Handmade.

Kelly Slater

Fraske Designs said...

congrats on the new addition! she looks sweet, i am sure she will warm up quick in your home. kerry you should do pet photography - you always get great shots of the kitties!


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