Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inspiration, La Couronne, Rouen, France

Our last night in Normandy and Rouen, hubby, Jeff, Steph, Paul and I had dinner at La Couronne. It was a fantastic dinner and lots of fun. The restaurant was founded as an inn in 1345. It is the oldest restaurant I have ever eaten in. La Couronne was also Julia Child's inspiration for French cooking, and I can see why.

This area of France is known for it's duck dishes, I just had to order a duck dish for myself. I was not disappointed. We all ordered the soufflé for desert. Decadent and heavenly!

Sitting outside among other diners, great weather and Rouen's cobble stone streets was also, an extra added bonus.

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Kim Morin Weineck said...

What a trip, Kerry. Keep the stories and photos coming!! I'm traveling vicariously through you....


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