Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chasing Sheep, Normandy

I was attempting to capture these sheep with my Takina lens. I would watch everyday from the small house in which we were staying, too see if they had starting to migrate near the road. Finally, my time had come. I walked quickly up to the sheep pasture. Sheep are very cautious and I tried to be so quiet and walk slowly. They were onto me. I even turned and walked away and got some flower shots to kind of trick them. I am better with cats

I did manage to get a few shots in that I liked. This guy really enjoyed this flower. It is funny to watch sheep and what they choose to eat. The contant Baaahhhing is kind of funny. I suppose because, I am never around sheep.

Cute little bell on this one. Much jingling was going on with this sheep was eating and walking about.

I just thought this was a cool gate and chain. Nice and rusty.

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