Saturday, May 19, 2012

Art Show Prep

I start collecting work from my art storage and think about what I want to bring to a show. Often I pile things in baskets, a bit willy nilly. You have to think about the audience the show is going to attract. Will there be crafters and artisans at the show or is it all fine art. Most show I do are a combination of craft and fine art.

The table I am using for the show is 6 ft by 3ft. My kitchen table is a bit bigger. I took some measurements and set up my tablecloth to the the size I have. I had the help from my cat, Milly. Well she was not really helpful

Always bring business cards and I like to have a small bio framed in case anyone is interested. It is good to have the business cards and postcards in a spot that is easy for people to see and reach. Some people may look at your e-shop or site later.

Once, I have everything set up, I like to take a photo and use this as a guide to my set-up when I get to the venue. It also helps me see how everything looks together. Does it make sense? Can all my art be seen whiteout looking two jumbled.

Then it is time to price everything. Most of my work has prices but I feel there should be no guessing by the people looking at your art. I used to find pricing things kind of hard. What to price it, is it too high or too low. I am getting a groove over the years.

I made a series of very small gift cards. I played with the display of them. Does it look enticing to a viewer. Will they see them? Should they be separated from the other greeting cards? All things to think about.

Milly was highly entertained in my set-up practice.

Now, it is time to pack up and hopefully, packed up in a easy, logical way

It is hard to believe all of my work for Dedham Open Studios live in just these three baskets.

It is always good to make a checklist wether written down or in your head. Things to bring are work to work on. People like to see artists at work, pens, paper, snacks, mailing list sign-up, business cards, postcards, easels, tablecloth, table, chair, lighting (if you can). I know I am forgetting something, hence the written list. 


nathalie et cetera said...

wow Kerry! This is a great post! Very good advices here!

nathalie et cetera said...

this is a great post, very informative!


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