Monday, April 23, 2012

From Marseille to Times Square, NYC

We had walked through Central Park and over to Clinton/Hell's Kitchen to get some yummy lunch at Marseille.. A yummy French lunch indeed. It was so tasty and I love going to this restaurant. I try to go every time we visit New York.

We brushed past Times Square to go to the International Center for Photography after lunch. NO photography in the museum. I really enjoyed the Magnum contact sheet exhibit, The Loving Story and the main exhibit Weegee: Murder is My Business. Weegee is a fascinating character and a self promoter  in the funniest sense. His take on these scenes are very unique and ironic. Well worth the visit to the museum.

1 comment:

nathalie et cetera said...

spring in New York. So perfect! Marseille looks yummy indeed. Will keep it in mind for my next trip.


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