Friday, March 16, 2012

Artful Shop and Space, Arcworks, Peabody

The Arcworks Shop (below)

You may have seen my Yarn Bombing posting at Arcworks. I also, got to bring more art into the Arcworks shop and take a little tour of the center. It is a wonderful and surprisingly big space. Part of the space is used for a program to repair chais. I was attracted to the chairs and the materials. I couldn't resist photographing them. The shop is in transition and renovating. So far it is pretty darn cool. I love all the handmade art in the shop. The shop has lots of antique and vintage pieces to display, art, crafts, bags, jewelry, home goods, pottery and more.

The shop is now being managed by Elise Snow. She has a tons of energy and has a great sense of style. I will be excited when I pick up my work to see how the shop is coming along. The pillows and the bottom photo of deer are by Merritt Kirkpatrick, the director of Arcworks. There is also many items from other Boston Handmaders like me. I was falling in love with everything.

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Elise of Argyle Whale said...

I'm so flattered! Thanks again for coming by and double thanks for all the gorgeous photos and nice things you said! Hope to see you again.



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