Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring on my Mind

I have been wanting to buy flowers for my yard. a little early, we are suppose to have a bit of snow. I am very sad about this news of snow, maybe it will miss Dedham.

Today. I stopped by the Endicott Community Greenhouse to buy some pansies. I think I could plant them next week, cross your fingers. I just love these colorful and delicate flowers. I love the greenhouse, too. It is old and a bit weathered. The flowers look even more beautiful against the backdrop of the greenhouse.

I brought my wide angle hoping for some unique shots of the greenhouse. The staff had just watered the flowers so, I was able to capture the water drops on the petals and leaves, lucky me.

On another note. I see people are really getting into the Instagram for the Iphone. I am a bit jealous since I don't have an Iphone. Look here at Sandra Juto's and My funny eye photos. Where old is new!


Ann Gorbett said...

Spring is on my mind too Kerry. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

nathalie et cetera said...

spring will come... can't wait to do some planting too!


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