Sunday, March 27, 2011

Art and Food, Boston

On Saturday we had a little art and lunch adventure in Boston. It was a bit windy but we braved it. Our first stop was the Boston Anthenaeum to see the Edward Gorey exhibit. This was not a huge exhibit but well worth the trip. The next stop was the Panopticon gallery in Kenmore Square. The gallery is exhibiting photographs by Frank Armstrong, Bill Franson & Stella Johnson. I wanted to catch it before it closed. The photographs were wonderful and inspiring.

Our last stop was lunch at Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square. I had Oysters, can you tell I liked them. I also ordered Salt Cod Fritters, meh, but made for a nice photo. My hubby had a beautiful salad and according to him a very yummy burger. He cleaned his plate. Then the Orangeline, home and a nap. I like this kind of a day!

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nathalie et cetera said...

wow! this meal looks soooo good!


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