Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pho, Boston

Our good friend, Jeff Anthis (top photo) is moving soon to California. We all got together for a going away dinner at Pho Pasteur, one of Jeff's favorite places. We had a delicious meal, as always!

On a related subject; Food Photography. I guess this is being discovered by the media that people photograph their meals. I have and many other photographers I know have done been photographing their food for years. I think it is funny it is a big deal now.

Sandra Juto take some wonderful photos of food. Here are also some articles you my find interesting. This article about the "new" trend of photographing your food is on the New York Times website and an NPR article on tips for photographing food


nathalie et cetera said...

the first photo is so funny! he loves his pho! i must say it looks very good. the food photo links are great! thanks!

Fraske Designs said...

yum im hungry!


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