Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fairbanks House, 1641, Dedham, MA

My friend Steph and I took a tour of the Fairbanks house, yesterday. They don't allow photos inside this historic home. I took a few photos of the home and grounds. It was built in 1641, originally historians thought it was 1636. It is thought to be the oldest timber frame building in North America. It was an interesting tour and a look into american life over the centuries. I have lived in Dedham for a total of twelve years and have never visited the house. Finally, I rectified this and took the tour.


Eve said...

Love the house and the old bench...reminds me of the one I left up north. Glad you went!

Auntie LuLu said...

Did you remember to duck? If I remember correctly, door frames and ceiling were low. Did they mention that the front--facing East St--had to be rebuilt in the late 60's, early 70's? A car missed the stop sign coming down Whiting Ave and slid right into the house. It took a while to rebuild that part.


staging professionals in Toronto said...

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