Monday, April 6, 2009

Nasturtium, Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum

Every April, in honor of Isabella Stewart Gardner's birthday, the museum celebrates by installing 20ft Nasturtium vines with bright orange blooms. We went to see them yesterday. These vines cascade all the way from the third balcony down to the courtyard. This beautiful flower installation has been a tradition since 1904. Sadly, they do not allow photos. But, it is worth the trip to the Gardener to see the beauty of these flowers. I also, bought some flower seeds to grow myself.


Chroma Lab said...

I just started my nasturtium seedlings yesterday. I'm trying Empress of India and a jewel mix this year. Which kind did you get?

Jean said...

I have nasturtiums draping out of most of my potted plants - they are swarming over everything on our back porch. An easy peasy way to get some color!


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