Saturday, November 22, 2008

Boston Handmade Downtown so far...

I worked at our new space yesterday. I thought the camera would come in handy. This is Brooke adjusting the store mirror.

Alex is doing some repair to one of the displays. The space looks really good. We all did some clean up and painting the partitions in the back.

This is the view of the front window displays. It has a funky Christmas tree and soon more were added. With merchandise they will look really inviting

We were able to get some fixtures and supplies from an out of business store down the street. Alex found some t-shirts. His signature part of his wardrobe. 

This is the store loaded with the goodies we found. We were able to get some great stuff like fixtures, racks, christmas decorations, and my favorite, mannequins.

Jessica, Brooke, Lisa, and Alex, carting things down the street. It was quite comical!

Alex found this great jacket and hat. There was crazy stuff in this store and so much of it. It was cool that we were able to take advantage of the things there.


Anonymous said...

Kerry, I loved this post. All of it! What a fun spirit you've captured. Can't wait to be in Boston with everyone...

nancyrosetta said...

Awesome Kerry!
Love the photos!


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