Friday, February 27, 2015

Museum of Modern Art, Art and Food, NYC

We visited the Museum of Modern Art while in New York City. I hadn't been in a year or two and it was time for a revisit. We were attracted to the The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec: Prints and Posters. My husband really wanted to see this exhibit. We were not disappointed and viewed some wonderful works. Toulouse-Lautrec was a fascinating painter and artist that lived in the realm of wealth but, loved  Popular entertainment cabarets and café-concerts.

After our visit to the Museum, we had a yummy lunch at the Modern Café, which is a dining option in the Museum. 

The Modern has great food and fun to hang out to rest our feet. I enjoyed a Two Roads beer and a 
Tarte flambé. I recommend ordering this Alsacian style pizza. We ate in the bar area and were lucky to get a seat. Reservations are a very good idea.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fishy Tails, NYC, Avra Estiatorio

We had a great dinner at the Greek restaurant Avra Estiatorio. This restaurant is known for it's fresh fish and we took advantage of that and had some delicious dishes. It was fun to see so much fish displayed like a mini fish market. Mouth watering. The service was wonderful and made for a fun night.

Check out thier photos

Link of the Day from a Beautiful Mess, a Pom Pom wall hanging

Monday, February 23, 2015

High Fashion Reflection and Tiny Birds, Boston

Neiman Marcus (above and below photo)

Marimekko clothing in bright fun patterns
American Apparel, I love all the watches. Hint: I was told I could not photograph in the store
I just love wandering and finding fashionable windows and photographing reflections. I thought the birds were cute and full of energy, Hopping about the tables.

Link for the Day: A Walk in the Dunes By Ann Gorbett

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Art Start to your day, ICA, Boston

By Matthew Ritchie and is on view in the Lobby of the ICA

A month or so ago we made a trip to the the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, before all this crazy snow started. We had wanted to see the fiber show and it was fantastic. I was sad it was closing the next day. There were wonderful technique and pushing the boundary of fiber art.

Another exhibit that I loved was and is still on view, Adriana Varejão, one of Brazil’s leading artists. It is a thoughtful exhibit on race and colonial history of Brazil. It is worth the trip to the museum to see this. It is thought provoking and also some great pieces.

on another note: I love this post on a winter experience by Mimi Kirchner. This is how I have been feeling!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The mix of old and new, Harvard Art Museums

The modern part of the Museum. It is great to see the contrast of this ancient sculpture against modern building design. I also like the expression on this object face. Kind of a half smile but, very happy

Painting Robert Smullyan Sloan, 1945

These are some of my favorite artworks at the Harvard Art Museums. There is a good variety and well placed. Check it out when the snow clears
Painting by Raphaelle Peale

Check out this fun Blog and if you are staying inside you could make some of these Punk Projects


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